All those who come across court cases some point in their life either they initiated the case or the opponent did, they certainly think why this happened with me as I don’t have any bad intention? Why it happened with my family? I never wanted to step into Court for anything? It is taking all my peace, how will I make the case work favourable to me? When all these questions crop up in your mind and you want a clear answer with safe and favourable respite from the court cases, you can seek best solution through astrology and it will clear all the mysteries that are spiralling around you.

There had been particular combinations of planet positions in the Horoscopes of people who encounter court cases. This need to be studied minutely by an expert who can analyse the stars and its positions in Horoscope and can give the pertinent remedy. Pandth Vamsi who is an expert astrologer in reading Horoscope have helped many people across USA and Canada in this regard.

Court case is the one biggest blocking stone and thorn in the neck. It takes longer time and gradually sucks the finance and removes peace and growth out of us. If you are stuck with any court case either it is Relationship court case, Business court case or Property court case and If you feel you are exploited and not treated fairly you can contact Pandth Vamsi and he can help you with his strong psychic power to terminate the case that are running long, to close successfully in favour of you and to reduce the loss that had been going beyond control.

And also he can make the settlement amicable and opponents can really go friendly and positive and do the best for each other. There are special pujas like Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja, MahakaliSadhana performed at the right time with right situation by an expert astrologer and Psychic, to win over the court cases in your favour and get relieved from al the pain that you have gone through. Baglamukhi puja is an astrological remedy to win court cases.

If your loved one has trapped you in legal proceedings for any reasons say Property cases or relationship cases just don’t worry these issues can be handled well by the best astrologer and Psychic Pandth Vamsi.

Whatever is the court problems you face, it all happens because of some special combinations of Rahu and Ketu in your Birth Chart. If it is identified and assessed by our expert astrologer Pandth Vamsi he can give you the accurate solutions and help execute the same to get desired result in your favour.

Usually court cases are a long proceedings draining out lot of time, money and energy of the people involved. We can use the birth cards and Horoscope of the person involved in to find out factors that affect the situation and defensive plan can be devised and executed. There are special ways in astrology to find out in detail, comprehensive view of the case, by identifying different elements astrologically and analysing it.